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Establishing your Corporate Identity and Image for small business

Corporate identity is the physical look of your brand. The elements which your customers are exposed to.  Your first impression which includes your logo, website, social media platforms and all branding.  This is the ‘tone of voice’ of your business.

Every business needs to ensure a consistent corporate identity to ensure a professional look and feel.  Your brand needs to be recognisable and look the same on different platforms in order to be remembered.

Your corporate Identity should direct the palette of colours and fonts, consistent logo positioning and tone of voice throughout your printed and online communications to ensure you are recognisable to your target audience.

Consistency is key when establishing a Corporate Identity as this is the overall bigger picture of your brand.

All the business’ marketing elements should be consistently applied in a Brand Guide to showcase how the logo should be implemented.

The corporate identity should also showcase the culture, goals and objectives of the company.  For example, Kulula has a fun, comedic culture and workplace which is depicted in their corporate identity.

Brand Image

Brand image is how the customer actually perceives and interprets your brand based on experience. It may not necessarily be the same as the brand identity. A customer can recognise the logo of a brand which can instantly evoke a feeling of trust. A good example is Coca Cola – you see the logo, you instantly know what you are getting and what to expect.  You trust the brand and product.

Brand Authority can assist in designing your company logo and brand guide to ensure that your Corporate Image is consistently applied.   You customers and employees will resonate with a brand that’s identity, image and experience is trust worthy and meets their expectations on all platforms.

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