Marketing Strategy

Bigger isn’t always better!

Boutique Marketing Agencies are an affordable option with big agency experience!

Perhaps it is time to rethink the way you do things. The world has “reset” have you adapted your marketing strategy in-line with the latest trends and consumer behaviour?

A good place to start would be optimising your budget in these challenging times.  The most common line item to cut on the budget is often marketing.

Although that may seem like a quick fix, it will damage your brand in the long haul.  Having worked in marketing for over 20 years, in my experience it was always our budgets that were cut when the business needed to find budget. Is it because people seek instant reward and gratification for the money they spend and this even applies in business? Often CEO’s want to see an immediate return on investment soon after implementation, when often the impact of marketing only comes further down the line.  Brand building, brand awareness, the sales funnel strategy and product desire takes time and consistent messaging to drive the desired outcome.

My take saving budget is to rather rework your spend to find other ways to optimise marketing spend where you would get more return for your investment. Perhaps billboard advertising and radio was part of your strategy previously? With people now working from home and perhaps not commuting as much they their eyeballs on billboards may be far less and listenership may be down.

So, have you considered re-negotiating your rates on these platforms or even changed to advertising online?

It is imperative that your brand and services remain top of mind in order for consumers to choose your product or service when they are ready and the economy has recovered or for that matter they have disposable income again. In these times, your brand needs to remain top of mind and support consumers.  If that means supporting charitable affairs or inspiring people. Don’t stop marketing, change your approach and messaging but be consistent and remain top of mind.

Let’s face it, big agencies can be expensive, although they do have the right to put a price on a model they have tested and evaluated with various companies and can guarantee an outcome. If your budget cannot absorb a big cost at this point, there is another viable and good option.

Boutique agencies like Brand Authority offer similar skills to bigger agencies but for much less also with a quick turnaround. We have worked at the big agencies, big brands and opted for a smaller agency approach helping brands with smaller budget and require more personals attention and relationships.

So, you get the experience, passion and expertise of a big agency.

What is a Boutique Agency?

A Boutique Agency is a speciaised marketing agency with a small group of highly skilled professionals.

So why choose a boutique Agency?

  1. Relationships:

When working with a boutique agency, you will receive a more personal experience. You are in direct contact with the specialists working on your marketing campaigns. This allows a flow of communication between you and your marketing team.

  1. Less Hierarchy and more Flexibility:

With the relationship you build within the boutique agency, you get a personalised marketing campaign that best suits your business, and can grow and change as your company does.

  1. Strategic Focus:

Working with a boutique agency provides your business with a focused strategy. Boutique agencies develop strategies that will grow your company locally in a phased approach tailored to budgets.

  1. Innovation:

Boutique agencies do not have the advantage of time trials. So when they start to build your strategy, it is easy to adjust because there is no set way to execute a plan. This flexibility means boutique agencies look for the next best way to build your reputation, and aren’t afraid to do things differently.  Working with boutique marketing agencies allows you to grow together. A boutique agency does not exclusively work with small companies either. They are for everybody. If you have a larger company looking for a more cutting-edge marketing campaign, using a boutique agency can provide you with an individual strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Bigger isn’t always better!

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